Dismantling method of needle bearing

2022-10-07 13:51
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Percussion method

The striking force is generally applied to the inner ring of the bearing. The striking force of the shield machine room should not be applied to the rolling element and cage of the bearing. This method is simple and easy, but it is easy to damage the bearing. When the bearing is located at the end of the shaft, use a copper rod or other soft metal materials smaller than the bearing inner diameter to support the shaft end. Add a cushion block at the lower part of the bearing. Knock it gently with a hammer to remove it. In the application of this method, attention should be paid to the proper placement of cushion blocks and the correct point of application.

Hot disassembly method

Used to remove tight fit bearings. First pour the engine oil heated to about 100 ℃ onto the bearing to be removed with an oil pot, and then pull out the bearing with a puller after the bearing ring is heated and expanded.

Bulldozing method

Press the bearing with a press to ensure stable and reliable operation without damaging the machine and bearing shield machine room. The press has manual pushing, mechanical or hydraulic pushing. Precautions: The force point of the press shall be at the center of the shaft, and no deviation is allowed.

Pullout method

A special puller is used. When disassembling, the bearing will be pulled out slowly as long as the handle is rotated. When disassembling the outer ring of the bearing, the corners of the puller's two feet should be outward; When disassembling the bearing inner race, the two legs of the puller should be inward and clamped on the end face of the bearing inner race.


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